Three sides of my back/side yards are fenced by neighbors, but the wood fencing on each side of the house were decaying and/or destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.  I also had a wooden railing on my back stoop that was rickety.  I contracted for beige gates and fencing on the sides, and a simple white railing on the stoop for about $1500.00  I was quite pleased at the cost, because I’d feared it would run me several thousand dollars (having had no experience with fencing before).
They came on time, just 2 guys, and worked for about 4 hours on a miserable, cold day.  They removed the old fence and gates, and railing, and took the pieces away for disposal.  They dug holes for the new posts, and the 2 posts surrounding each gate had a metal pole installed, and the plastic post was filled with cement.  I requested that everything be installed very close to the ground, as I have a small dog who needs to be securely kept within, and they did so.  The railing was done by drilling holes into the cement stoop, and again, metal poles were inserted, and each post then filled with cement.  As a special request, they drilled an eye bolt into one post for a doggy cable attachment.  I was told that the cable could be used after 24 hours.
They also had to work around a newly-installed sprinkler system, but I was assured that they were accustomed to doing so; of course, I won’t know for sure until next spring when it is turned on again….  But as the new posts were installed approximately in the same area as the old ones, I am not really concerned.
Everything went well, and the “estate grounds” appearance has been vastly improved – even the neighbors were impressed.  Of course, I had heart palpitations the first time I turned the pupdog (a Cairn terrier – ‘Toto’ dog for those not familiar with the breed) loose without his cable!  But all has gone well, and my dog runs like a young pup again, exploring all those corners of the yard that he was unable to reach before!!
All in all, the company did lovely work – had very polite and nice workers, and reasonable prices.  Pupdog and I both recommend them highly!